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Dear Friends!

I am glad to welcome you to the MEGOFF website! For more than 19 years I have been producing fly reels for you. The first  MEGOFF fly reel by was designed and produced by me in 1996. I used my knowledge in aeronautical engineering and experience in the aerospace industry to create a comfortable and functional fly reel for myself.
Since then, many years have passed and I have designed and created a lot of reels, but every new reel is created in same way, as if I am making it for myself. I  produce a limited number of each reel model. Often, reels are made  as one of, unique, single items. Such approach raises the process of creating reels to an art. Reels by MEGOFF are not just superb fishing tools, but also the realization of my creative abilities. Since 1999, I have learnt to master the techniques and skills required to produce reels from titanium alloys. At the present time, the production of titanium reels is one of the main focuses of my work.
Recently, one of the aspects of my work has been the development of new reeldesigns under orders for other manufacturers. Years of experience and  the introduction of modern three-dimensional computer-aided design allows MEGOFF to successfully develop innovative and unique reels  that combine the best elements of modern and classic design. I am always glad of your interest to the MEGOFF reels and I am ready to personally answer your questions.
If you would like to order MEGOFF reel, you should remember that:
  • I am not producing batches of reels and not working for stock;
  • Each reel by MEGOFF is unique, because it takes a lot of handicraft;
  • All reels by MEGOFF are produced by preliminary order;
  • If you would like to order the reel to a certain date or event, think about it. Probably, you will have to turn to another reel manufacturer or reseller. The reel by MEGOFF is ready when it’s ready. Average terms of making the order is 4 - 6 months.
  • Exact dates of manufacturing and terms of payment will be solved with each customer individually.
  • MEGOFF is the exclusive fly reels. I am ready to manufacture single items by your individual orders. I am ready to design the reels for the customer, who wants to produce reels in series, to create the necessary technical documentation and help with placing an order for production.
Technology, style, traditions – these are the WAY OF MEGOFF “From our idea to your reel”.
Sincerely yours,
Alexander Kaplun